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drive by link!

If you haven't seen it already, check out Humans of New York! It's a wonderful blog, and I just spent the last two days scrolling through it.


as the smile ran away from his face

So I've been absent for a while, and there's a very good reason for that--I'm back to work after a few glorious weeks of vacation! It's been hectic, dragging myself out of bed at 7 instead of 11, but my sleeping schedule is slowly returning to normal. It's been a wonderful summer (and it's not over yet!! / in denial), if a bit cold, but honestly, this is Sweden, and no matter what season it is, it's going to be cold. We had a few warm days that everyone cherished, and I even got a tan (kind of). 

the light of my life for the past few daysCollapse )

NHL lockout and my opinions on itCollapse )

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baby girl, if you knew what i know

Ahh, there ain't no place like home. I'm back from my holiday in Karlskrona with the family, which was very lovely, if a bit windy and rainy. Then again, so has most of Sweden been this summer, so it's not really anything new. We got one day with sun and almost no clouds in the sky, and it was the day Mom and I went riding on Aspö. My horse was called Lettír, and was a bit grumpy but very nice, and my mom's was called Litlibrúnn, and he was pretty old but kind nonetheless. My butt hurt afterwards, as did my shoulders, and I found it personally hilarious that I butthurt IRL. Mom didn't think it was that funny. We came home yesterday afternoon, and I spent last night catching up on the gossip while listening to Miley Cyrus and Frank Ocean, as one does.

I had a whole bunch of things to say, but I just forgot all of them. Good going, self. I'll leave you with this delightful link--when sports meets porn

the good are never easy

impromptu olympic swimmer/diver/whatever olympic spam bc i need fic about tom daley being mistaken for a girl and no one will write it so i'm going to convince the entirety(?) of the hockey fandom here on lj to write swim fic

sorry about my sloppy writing its just that its very late here and im almost asleep

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so hey

So, since there's been a little talk around here about mpreg, I thought it would be appropriate to find some pics of Tazer and Kaner with small children, and then I was like "wow, there are awful many pics of hockey players with little children" and voila, IDEA! And I also morphed Tazer and Kaner, and it was so horrible, but liketheroad was curious (sorry for not replying! I was stranded in the middle of the Swedish wilderness without access to a computer), so that's under a cut here, so you can skip it if you want (I recommend you to do so).

horribles morph imagesCollapse )

So, I present you: Hockey Players With Kids; The Picspam.

babies! hockey players! stanley cups!Collapse )

Okay, so that's it for now! I'm probably going to be back with more tomorrow, tbh.

it's only life, it's only natural

What's up, lj?

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And now I have run out of things to say, except for maybe a "WTF" and "No JFC" at all the trades going on--Rangers (b)romance broken, Minnesota planting the seeds for a new (b)romance, perhaps, lol at Skinner for Nash, and some tears at Jordy moving to Raleigh, where he's apparently going to be an alternate captain. Also, Bobby Ryan, please don't go.

recs, part 2

A thunderstorm is swiftly approaching and will probably last the entire evening, so I better get this over with.

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Since the summer has officially begun, I have gathered up a list of summer must-reads.

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AND THAT'S IT FOR TODAY. I'll probably post more tomorrow, but now I am going to enjoy the Swedish summer (from behind my computer screen, in my bedroom).